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Hi! I’m Venus Jones.

I cultivate critical conversations and dialogue that matters within companies and communities. As a multi-gifted performer, healing arts facilitator, and inspirational speaker, I’m known for poetic keynotes and transformational leadership retreats. The result is an improvement in communication and trust, which fosters belonging, a foundational element to thriving communities and organizations.

ARTivist | Performer | Professor | Poet | Producer | (She)EO

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Artist Statement

As the founder and author of SHE ROSE, I’ve served as a multi-passionate artist including a spoken word poet, actress, and educator for over 20 years. My motto is waging peace through poetry. I believe the fastest way to increase one’s inner peace is by practicing self-awareness through the healing arts. My work seeks to remind us of our common humanity and at times it challenges the status quo. What I know for sure is to increase peace we must align our thoughts, words, and actions. I seek to create art that challenges and/or comforts the viewer. I’m in the business of inspiration and ultimately transformation. I’ve enjoyed collaborating with emerging and existing unsung heroes and sheroes among us. My life has been enriched because of divine grace, my ability to journal my thoughts, engage in monologue, dialogue, improvisational performance, and through the production of digital narrative art.

Kind words

Venus is among a short list of people who will avalanche you with service leadership…No one does it better bar none!

Chuck D., Rock and Roll Inductee

Most Inspiring Solo Performance

Adilah Barnes, Founder Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival

I am so grateful that I got to experience Professor Jones teach public speaking. I now know more about my values and my voice.

Shana Hagood, Mission College Alum

A Shero at your service.

1 on 1 Coaching

Individual coaching on poetic and profitable presentations.

Personalized Poetry and Affirmations

Are you having a conference and need tailored closing remarks? Do you need a personalized poetic pep talk?

Peace Through Poetry

If you’re committed to promoting justice and equity in education or the workplace, you’ll want to learn about my work with Scholar System.

Journaling Your Journey

Monthly co-writing sessions for aspiring TEDx speakers, memoir and power story writers.

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