Name Role Production Company/Director
The Punisher Attorney+ Artisan Pictures & Marvel Studios/Johnathan Hensleigh
Out of Time Driver MGM/Carl Franklin
The Root of All Evil Kim* Acshun Productons
The ‘A’ List Assassin* Tampa Digital Studios/Gene Howes
Out of Hand Merchant+ MFP Entertainment/Jefferson Kirk
Sheena Hostage+ Corsica Productions (UPN)/John Guillermin
The Jersey Student Red Lizard Films (Disney Channel)/David Miller

(complete listing available upon request)


Name of Play Role Production Company/Director
For Colored Girls Lady in Green The Studio at 620, St. Petersburg, FL/Leonard Williams
Floridiots Elvis, James Brown & Mildred Coconuts Comedy Club, St. Petersburg, FL/Mary Jane Heath
Places Dancer & Grandma Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, Tampa, FL/Fred Johnson
Vagina Monologues Six-year-old & Southern StageWorks, Tampa, FL/Anna Brennan
Colored Museum Normal Jean Weathervane Playhouse, Akron, OH/Fran Dorsey
Fires in the Mirror Al Sharpton, Mo, Rabbi University Theatre, Akron, OH/William Lewis III
A Raisin in the Sun Beneatha Weathervane Playhouse, Akron, OH/William Lewis III

(complete listing available upon request)

Radio & Industrials

Product Role Production Company/Director
Hungry Howie’s Customer* (Voice) Devine Communications/Glenn Arscott
Shapes Spokesperson* (Voice) Devine Communications/Glenn Arscott
Buddy’s Customer (Voice) Devine Communications/David Allen
WEDU Grandma (Voice) Public Broadcasting Station
Eckerd Employee Jay Gross Studios/Christian Moriarty
Badcock Customer N Focus/Joe O’Brien
Winn Dixie Employee Winn Dixie/Al Doane
WZIP-FM On-air Personality WZIP-FM

(complete listing available upon request)


Featured in over 100 local, regional, and national commercials through the following production companies/directors:

Tony Kaye Productions/Tony Kaye
Costa Creative Group/Joe Costa
Tampa Digital Studios/Jeff McKown
100 Street Films/Scott Durban
Devine Comm./Glenn Arscott
3BG/John Swoosher
Birthmark Entertainment/John Minor
Visitors Bureau/Curtis Graham
Foote Cone & Belding/Francois Girard
Momentum/Larry Israel
Alleywood/Jeff Jones
Epoch Films/Enda Mccallion
Red Lizard Films/Rob Allen
Charley Bregg/Lord & Lasker
Video Proof/Brett Scott
Grey House Films/Curtis Graham
NFL Films/Tripp Dixson
Hot Spots/Henry Less
Storyville Pictures Inc./Dirk Aspen
USA Broadcasting/Rex Hall
SteffnyWallace/Erika Zain McKay
Cohen & Co./Charlie Cole
Sendtec/Harry Greene
Cauputo Creative/Louis Caputo

(complete listing available upon request)

Special Skills

  • Trained Vocalist

  • Swimming

  • Percussion

  • Kung Fu

  • Rock Climbing

  • Modern Dance

  • Stand-up Comedy

  • Kayaking


  • The American College Theatre Festival: Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship Nominee

  • Outstanding Radio Personality: WZIP FM

  • Local Stringer: MTV Online

Short film and Performance Art Videos