27 Dec 2022

What does depression look like?

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Welcome to my World, The year 2022 has been the year I decided to become a mental health advocate. I am what depression looks like. I’ve already been transparent about my battles with a diagnosed anxiety disorder and the depression that comes along with that, yet l repeat: "I am not my dis-ease." I [...]

17 Dec 2022

2 Announcements and 3 Events

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Greetings Venusian! I hope you're staying warm, healthy, and happy this December! I want to share three upcoming events and a couple important announcements! Sunday, December 18 Dress Warm and BRING THE HEAT with your warm presence. Urban Sanctuary will join the Creatives for Compassionate Communities as we reflect on Gratitude and all its power as we [...]

3 Oct 2022

Adapt vs. Adopt

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I've been working on this poem for 20 years or more. My high school teacher introduced me to a poem when I a senior in high school called "Two Women." The poem was in two similar but distinct voices on separate journeys, and I've been working on my version ever since. One was rich and [...]

3 Oct 2022

A Poem A Day

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Starting in the month of October your patronage will allow you to see a poem a day from yours truly. If you enjoy the poems, feel free to share them and tell a friend to join the She Rose movement. Thanks again for your support.Venus

3 Oct 2022

A Long Period (a work in progress)

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A Pause for Menopause or A Long Period?  Dear Patron,Check out this work in progress? It feels important but what do I call it? Would you share this with someone who and why? What stands out for you? Any other thoughts on this poem?By Venus JonesWhat’s the prize for longevity?I wish the last cycle for [...]

3 Oct 2022


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It's first Friday and I will only do Journaling Your Journey session today if someone requests it. I am on my way to Santa Barbara. In the meantime it's taken years to record this poem. I've overcome a lot. I'm still opening back up and healing over here and gratitude is still the attitude. Thanks [...]

3 Oct 2022

The M.V.P. Room (August 2022)

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It's your permission to pause. Join me for some mindfulness, visualization, and prayer fam. Thanks for your support. Sorry I still haven't figured out how to put an image on these yet. It'll be greater later.These are supposed to be for people at the $10 level and up but let me speak life over you [...]

3 Oct 2022

One day my soul just opened up…

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Talk about a great book to get you journaling your journey. Join me in this co-writing session and let’s start a new poem together. Maybe we can share at the next M.V.P. Session. Stay tuned…

3 Oct 2022

The Making of “A Talk with My Mother”

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It's first Friday! This is your Journaling Your Journey session for July 2022. Click on the image above and listen in as I share my journey with the late Queen Fatima and some memorable moments. Do you have any questions? What poem or video do you want the story behind next? What are you journaling?