Digital Love Letters

DIGITAL LOVE LETTERS chronicles the emotional highs and lows of living apart from a loved one and allows us all to reflect on the impact of communication in the digital age.

I love hearing what resonates with you. Let me know which image and/or poem is your favorite and why? Do you have a similar image and story of how technology helped you keep in touch?

Happy Loving Day everyday!

Love Wins.


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An iPhone screenshot of a disconnected FaceTime call. Steve is making a funny frown and crossing his eyes.


Following your dreams
can leave you disconnected.
Just trust the process.

Venus is holding up her phone in front of a classroom door where she can see her reflection outside with a pile of books in her other hand. Steve is smiling in the lower left frame.

Milling Around

Let’s tour the campus.
Let me be your guide to Mills.
Maybe you can visit.

Venus holds up a postcard that shows tourist sites in Oakland, California. Steve's smile looks forced in the top right frame.

My Oakland Postcard

Look for my postcard
and digital love letters.
It’s only two years.

Venus has a confused expression as if she's saying, "What?" And Steve has an exaggerated look of fright in the lower right frame.

Breaking Up

“Can you hear me now?
No! I said, you’re breaking up.
We’re not breaking up!”

Praying Hands

His image pops up.
Hands in prayer cover my mouth.
I say, “Oh, I love you.”


Let me see your face.
“Time to count the days,” he says.
It’s been two weeks now.

Beating Myself Up

“How are you doing?”
“I’ve been beating myself up.
What was I thinking?”

Separation Anxiety

Going back to school.
Was just a dream at one time.
Now it’s a nightmare.

You See Me Clearly

It’s all a blur.
Except when I talk to you.
You see me clearly.

Window Blinds

Looking through the blinds —
Do you see what I see?
We’re under one sky.

Plug In

My phone is dying.
Long distance can take a toll.
If you don’t plug in.

Solid As A Rock

Our love is awesome.
It is solid as a rock.
See you tomorrow.

Finals Week

I don’t smell too good.
It’s finals week over here.
No time to shower.

Time Conflicts

What time is it now?
I wish you were Pacific.
I’m three hours late.


I feel restless now.
Looking forward to the end.
I wish I could quit.

Pill For The Pain

I’m yawning in class.
You are my pill for the pain.
I can’t get too bored..

Brushing Up

Time to brush my teeth.

Good night, early riser.
Let’s keep our smiles bright.

Pucker Up

Give me a kiss boy.

I want to feel the warm screen

on my lips tonight.

Top Secret

When will you visit me?
Before we had a real date.
I hate not knowing.

Wifey’s Wifi Wins

We telecommute.
This is a strong connection.

Wifey’s WiFI Wins!


Hello, Are you there?
I’m untangling headphones.

It’s taking too long!

Main Muse

He reads my poetry.
And wonders who inspired it.
He is my main muse.


I miss snuggling.
He has the antidote.
A pillow with one arm.

Venus laughs while eating a bowl of corn flakes in an orange bowl. Steve is in the corner with a white hand cloth folded over his head nursing a headache lying on a white pillow.


There’s a break coming soon.
Then we can have a real toast.
Here’s to vacations.

Loving Light

The moon seems so far.
It is still a loving light;
crescent moon and star.

iPhone screenshot of Venus pointing at the camera in a humorous way, with Stephen smiling at her in a picture-in-picture frame.


It crosses my mind.
Sometimes I ask, Where were you?
Then he shows me. Trust.

Saint Stephen

He grabs the good book,
just like a politician.
And I laugh so hard.

Honor Roll

I made honor roll.
A man of honor is proud.
We’re both honorable.

If You’re Facing It

Our hearts grew fonder.
Quality time did save us.
Quality Face Time.

True Love

You can live separate.
You can still grow together.
When you have true love.