Welcome to She Rose Live !

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SHE ROSE LIVE is a transformative series dedicated to emerging leaders ready to become Poetic, Poised, Powerful, and Phenomenal Under Pressure!

I’m in search of change makers who are willing to activate a new world and share inspiring stories of courage and strength, so we all will rise to our fullest potential. You will increase your writing and presentation skills, learn how to captivate an audience of one or many, and go from page to your (s)heroic stage in 60 days.

Who should attend?

  • Women with life-changing stories to share.

  • Women ready to learn how to effectively connect and influence an audience of one or many through the art of strategic storytelling during high stake situations.

  • Existing and emerging female-identified leaders, teaching artists, speakers, trainers, coaches, or executives.


I learned not just about giving speeches but about myself. Thanks for being vulnerable and creating a safe place for me . I am so grateful that I got to experience Professor Jones teach public speaking. It was so different, and I now know more about my values and my voice.

Shana H.

Before I learned the G.R.A.C.E Model I didn’t trust people very much, and I’d find my spot in the corner with my back to the wall on hyper alert. Now I’m not as uncomfortable.

Shahir S.

This class pulled me out of my comfort zone. I went from almost fainting from my fear of public speaking to getting a standing ovation because I learned to use humor, my imagination and body language to transform old content into something brand new.

Sarahi G.

My Intention…

As an in-demand author, international speaker, and spoken word artist with over 20 years of stage and facilitation experience, I’ve had a tough time finding a core message mentor.  High achievers and leaders have a lot of stories to tell and need help finding the one that can catapult their career.

I teach fellow female leaders how to deliver their most powerful presentation. SHE ROSE (from page to stage) is an interactive and transformational  leadership series that takes change makers from the page to their most sheroic stage in 60 days. As a result, they increase their self-confidence and feel more prepared to rise to any occasion.

Two ways to get started!

Are you ready to turn up your inner light?

“I believe the fastest way to increase your self-awareness is through the healing arts. Writing and reciting your work can lead to healing yourself and the world around you.”  -Venus Jones

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