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And the Winner is….Venus Jones!

Happy National Poetry Month and Happy Earth Day! When you keep showing up and unexpectedly earn titles like best female director for animation, poet laureate, and griot, it's life affirming in the month of April. Check out my acceptance speech at Poppy Jasper and my interview on the Jazzline at KPFA 94.1 FM. Last year [...]

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Why I Write

I just facilitated a workshop at local community center and I recited this poem for people who were experiencing writer's block. The number one tip is to remember why you write. Do you find inspiration in every sunrise, every tear, every laugh? This poem is for you! I write to heal, to inspire, to [...]

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“Unexpected Harmony: Exploring the Similarities and Differences Between Beyonce and Tracy Chapman”

Welcome to my poetic planet! Greetings I'm still waging peace through poetry and representing multi-talented artivists, educators and  empaths, who believe words and dialogue matters. Before I share a new poem celebrating more harmony and Black History in 2024, let's congratulate Beyonce Knowles, in the spirit of ujima or collective work! Aaaa, yes that's me [...]

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View this email in your browser Greetings Venusian! Welcome to my world. Can you believe it's already October? It's a new season... FESTIVAL SEASON!  Are you seeing RED too? Last month, I told you how my first-ever animated short film, Lil Red is Riding the Wrong Way in the Hood, has been selected for several [...]

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“Freedom Fighters” by Venus Jones

Some say there is a need for war. We must protect our ideals from sea to shore. No matter how many lives are lost, death to sustain life - is the cost. It’s evil vs. good, and it’s always black and white. Really? If I am wrong does that make my rivals right? Can we [...]

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Journaling Your Journey – July 2022

It's First Friday and that means it's time for a Journaling Your Journey session. I'm paying tribute to Queen Fatima who I casted as Mother Earth as she has recently made her transition. I'll be discussing the making of "A Talk with My Mother" and the number one lesson I learned during the production. Patrons [...]

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Janet Jackson rose. She Rose.

Her Story Matters ~As someone who studies sheroes, I've never been this excited about a Lifetime movie. I'm not even the biggest Janet Jackson fan. I have only seen her in concert twice, but I was dancing to her music on my Instagram page in anticipation and texting friends, who seemed less enthused. Why? I [...]

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(S)heroic Tributes this Saturday

Greetings Venusian! Today was a big day! I spoke at the first annual CARE Opening conference as a poet and panelist for Scholar System with several other super sheroes and heroes. I shared two new, custom poems for educators and change agents who care about equity. See the video below. Join me for a (S)heroic Experience! Saturday, May 8th at 10AM PDT Click [...]

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