Empathy is the Educator’s Creed.

Imagine reading these inspiring words before heading off to work in the classroom.


By Venus Jones

As an educator, I do not fear anyone’s confused glare.

I welcome each challenge and I choose to stay aware.

I offer the broken a safer circle and a braver space:

One that humanizes all humans with amazing grace.

I know productive struggle helps us all connect.

I remind myself out loud to breathe and reflect.

There are lessons in this life that everyone must learn.

I know the value of dialogue and seek to discern.

I am a lifelong learner who shares survival tools.

I inspire imagination, innovation, and new rules.

My courage leads to advocacy. Freedom is the cause.

My practice is not perfect. Forgive me for my flaws.

I’m willing to step up and sometimes I step back.

I am mindful of my blind spots. My ego is intact.

My students learn to question and set boundaries in my class.

I remind them of the times I failed before I passed.

I love to teach goal setting it’s inside my lesson plan.

I instruct, facilitate, and collaborate until they understand.