This poem is available on my “Venus to Earth” CD. It’s another persona poem based on a true story. I laughed about it so much I had to write it down. The poem “Assistance” was inspired by a busboy at a restaurant who kept asking the question over and over again towards the end of his shift, so much that it became poetic. A metaphor of how folks ask for help, when and why. Question: What happens when people don’t get the attention or assistance they seek? When do we pay attention to those in need? This poem seems silly but I was exploring a serious subject.  My name is Venus Jones, a queen of self-determination and I still need some assistance. PULEEEZ  Feel free to share and comment below. Enjoy!


History Matters – Who’s the most dependent on welfare assistance or hand outs in the United States?



An entertaining  movie that forever changed my view of what people on “assistance” go through was the movie Claudine starring a sheri of mine. Check this clip out!