By Venus Jones


with no vision, people perish.

it’s a popular proverb

in a popular book.

those who seek to succeed

have a higher expectation.

take a long good look.


success means to love.

it’s the probability law.

you’re free to succeed or fail.

you’re free to listen or not.

you can experience on earth

heaven or hell.


our vision gets blurry

when we embrace a proven lie.

in the center of folk who say, “i should

but i can’t, or i don’t want to!”

with that poor attitude,

they don’t even try.


often it’s cause and effect.

yet you can make dreams complex.

“how do you do?”

some say, “no matter what

my dreams will come true!”


others decide to pass the baton.

some are quick to pass over.

and others allow the pain

to pass right through.


did you know

open hearts and minds

tend to expand?

so embrace difference

or celebrate your

kindred by offering

a helping hand.

you earn courage.

full of wisdom

when you make it clear.

you see and understand.


today some soar through

dark tunnels without a map.

others never leave the nest.

some keep staring at

the achievement gap.

I choose to keep my eyes

on the mountain’s crest.


today we need folks with foresight.

so promise me you’ll stay the course.

when you keep your goals intact.

you live this life without remorse!