Greetings Venusian,

Happy New Year to you and yours!

I had to thank 2012 for being so unforgettable. But I predict 2013 is full of even more surprises! A lot of people said 2013 might not even show up! ;0)   I’m so glad he did!

For those of you who’ve had to experience grief recently and really know how fragile and precious life can be. This poem is for you:

we appear to disappear/like the Sun/ providing luminous light for the day/ we leave behind waves of memory/ so we’ll never pass away/ a loving circle will ground us/ as we turn from east to west/ we know the truth is our being/ we are the answer to the test/ many moons change their vantage points/ like the wandering wind/ but when night comes/ we seek profound peace/ oh to be one again.

I feel like I’m turning into somewhat of an iMovie maker these days. I made a video for my poem “A talk with my Mother.” See it here.

My last creative project of 2012 was my video blog about the results of My African Ancestry Test. Check out my blog post about it.

I never traveled so much in one year. I saw people I haven’t seen in years and made some new friends for life. I performed in Austin, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. I had so much fun in Miami, New York, Jersey and Philly. I also vacationed to five islands in the Eastern Caribbean including Dominica this Christmas. Having my health and strength, my husband on my side, and more than a few friends and family who always wish me well makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world!

But I still want to show gratitude for my many blessings by sharing some of my biggest highlights of this past year. 2012 was really that good to me. It may have been my best year yet! You may even catch a glimpse of a pic or two from the book release party.

I even created a highlight reel for 2012. Checkout this YouTube link: Venus’s Top 10 Moments of 2012!

*I always wanted to further my education but graduate school can be gruesome so as I go back to writing and reading… Send your prayers, love, and light!

Thanks for your continued support and remember the Earth is the true Star Goddess of day and night. She harbors more, much more than light. Plant a “healthy seed.”

Love Always and Always Love,

The Artist – Venus Jones
~all around Free Spirit~