I have an announcement to make: I’m nerdy but cool!  Yes, I belong to the NBC group. I have good grades. I’m a student for life, and I always strive for excellence in all that I do. Lastly, I’m a little strange at times. (I even wrote a poem about it!)

I realize I may offend those who are even more awkward than me by calling myself “nerdy.” Hence the funny PSA below that inspired this post.  To the creators of it, I would say, “I am whatever I say I am.”

I’m more comfortable with my nerdiness than I was when I was younger. Yet and still, I do understand there’s a fad with this particular “N-word.” My favorite Urban Dictionary definition describes a Nerd as “the person you will one day call boss.” There are degrees of social awkwardness and diverse points of view. I say let kids call themselves nerds and then prove it by opening up more books!